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Civil Service Institute, Pala




The Civil Service Institute has set up twenty Free Coaching Merit Scholarships to be awarded to eligible candidates on the basis of a written test on 4th May, 2019. The Scholarship Scheme will come into effect with the commencement of the full-time coaching programme which is to begin in June, 2019.  The following paragraphs provide all pertinent information in this regard.

What Is This Scheme?

The scholarship scheme is basically a talent scouting programme which is meant to identify  the outstanding students  and to encourage them by  providing  quality coaching to them free of  cost for the Civil Services Examination of 2020.  Rank-holders  from one to  twenty in the selection test to be conducted on 4th of May 2019 are entitled  to free coaching but it may be noted that  coaching will be one hundred per cent free only for  those who clear the  Prelims exam of 2020 at their  maiden chance. Awardees who do not pass the Prelims exam at  the first chance will have their freeship limited to 50 per cent of the total value of the scholarship, that is, to about Rs. 50,000. All the candidates selected for the award will have to pay fifty per cent of the total fees at the time of their admission to the course but the first chance winners will get a refund of all the fees they have paid.

About the Selection Test

The test will consist of a single paper of two hours’ duration. It will have the OMR format and will be on the model of the Prelims question paper. Eighty per cent of all the questions will be from the portions for Prelims paper I and on the model of that paper; twenty per cent will be based on the second paper.

The test will be conducted at the Civil Service Institute, Pala and at its Trivandrum campus   as also at S.H. College, Thevara at 10 a.m. on 4th May, 2019.


The Scholarship scheme is meant for those who wish to join the Civil Service Course coaching conducted by the Civil Service Institute or its Campuses. Those who are within the prescribed age limit and possess a University degree are eligible for admission to the full-time coaching programme. Eligibility is extended to candidates who have completed the course and are waiting for the results also.