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SC case regarding 100% verification of VVPATS in election


  • The VVPAT(Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail) machineis attached to the ballot unit of the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), and provides visual verification for the vote cast by a voter by printing a slip of paper with the voter’s choice on it.
  • The slip of paper with the candidate’s details isbriefly displayed for verification behind a glass window, giving the voter 7 seconds, before dropping into a compartment below.
  • Voters are not allowedto take the VVPAT slip home as it is used to verify votes in five randomly selected polling booths.
  • The concept aims to enhance trustin the voting process by enabling physical verification of electronically cast votes, reassuring both voters and political parties about the accuracy of their votes.
  • The VVPATwas first used in all 21 polling stations of the Noksen Assembly constituency of Nagaland in 2013, leading to its phased introduction decided by the ECI, with 100% adoption by June 2017.