Intensive Study Programme 2021



As we are gradually re-emerging from the pandemic, it is high time that students do the same and pick up the pace of their studies. To support their efforts, CSIP is introducing the “Intense Study Program 2021”, a plan exclusively for PTS students, beginning from 16th February.

The fully offline programme focuses on enhancing the daily study routine of students through a series of 34 subject-wise module tests covering the entire syllabus under 60 days. The detailed study plan for the programme is crafted in such a manner that it aligns with the CSIP Prelims test series.

Subject wise module tests are conducted 5 days a week, immediately followed by test discussions. Detailed daily and weekly rank lists are published to increase the competitiveness among students. Besides these, daily mock questions and important current affairs are posted in the telegram group for the students.


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