CSIP: PRELIMS BOOSTER SERIES-165 Science and Technology


IndiaAI Report

The IndiaAI program is a holistic and ambitious initiative to catalyse the development of a 1 trillion-dollar digital economy for India. It covers various aspects of the AI ecosystem, including:
Compute infrastructure: Establish a national AI compute platform with access to high-performance computing and data storage resources.
Data: Develop a comprehensive data policy and framework to facilitate the collection, management, processing, and storage of data.
AI financing: Create a dedicated AI fund to support research, innovation, and commercialization of AI technologies.
Research and innovation: Establish Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in AI to promote cutting-edge research and development.
Skilling: Upskill and reskill the Indian workforce to meet the demands of the emerging AI economy.
Institutional capacity for data management: Develop the institutional capacity to manage and secure large datasets.

The program also focuses on supporting start-ups and entrepreneurship, India datasets program, and the India AI Compute Platform.

Key points:
• The program focuses on supporting research, innovation, skilling, and entrepreneurship.
• It also aims to strengthen AI compute infrastructure and develop a comprehensive data policy framework.

• Leverage India’s demographic dividend and enhance AI skills.
• Strengthen AI compute infrastructure through public-private partnerships.
• Implement a Design Linked Incentive (DLI) Scheme to support domestic companies and start-ups.

The IndiaAI program has the potential to transform India into a global leader in AI. By implementing the recommendations outlined in the report, India can position itself to reap the benefits of AI and create a more prosperous and equitable future for all.