Operation Chakra-2 by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) aimed to combat cyber criminals in India and featured the following key points:


  1. Widespread Crackdown: The CBI initiated a comprehensive crackdown on cyber criminals, targeting a series of cases of cyber-enabled financial fraud.
  2. Geographical Sweep: This operation spanned 76 different locations across the country, reflecting the nationwide scope of the cyber fraud problems.
  3. Rooted in Financial Fraud: Operation Chakra-2 was instigated by  the registration of five distinct cases of cyber-enabled financial Notably, it uncovered a massive ₹100-crore cryptocurrency scam.
  4. Deceptive Crypto Mining: The fraudsters posed as a sham cryptocurrency mining operation, specifically targeting unsuspecting Indian citizens.
  5. FIU’s Vital Role: The cases were filed based on crucial information provided by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), highlighting the significance of cooperation between agencies.
  6. Global Collaboration: The CBI collaborated with various international law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and INTERPOL, to  chase  down  leads and combat transnational cybercrime.
  7. Past Operation: A year prior, ‘Operation Chakra-1’ was conducted in partnership with INTERPOL, the FBI, and police forces from different nations, encompassing searches at 115 locations.


Operation Chakra-2 underscores the CBI’s commitment to  battling  cybercrime and its collaboration with international agencies to ensure a safer digital landscape in India.


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