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India had also made interventions for the need for according stringent measures for conservation of Big Cats, and especially, the Asian Big Cats. India in its intervention also appealed to range countries and other stakeholders to join International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA), launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 9 April 2023 for conservation of seven Big Cat species.


What is International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)?

In the mega international event held on 9th April 2023, at Mysuru, Karnataka, to commemorate 50 years of Project Tiger, the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) for conservation of seven big cats namely Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Cheetah, Jaguar and Puma harbouring our planet.

The alliance aims to reach out to 97 range countries covering the natural habitats of Tiger, Lion, Snow Leopard, Puma, Jaguar, and Cheetah. IBCA would further strengthen global cooperation and efforts to conserve the wild denizens, especially the big cats.

The Alliance will strengthen global efforts and partnerships on big cat conservation, while evolving a platform for convergence of knowledge and best practices, supporting existing species specific inter-governmental platforms, while also providing direct support to recovery efforts in potential range habitats.

The countries include Africa, such as Suriname, Armenia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc. Parts of the Middle East Asia, including India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and China. Parts of southeast Asia, including, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Lao and the Americas.