Why in news: At the recent COP28, NASA and IBM announced that an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool called watsonx.ai would be available on the open-source AI platform Hugging Space.

  • ai is built on a foundation model; it is trained on a broad set of uncategorized data allowing the model to apply information about one situation to another.
  • The platform has a set of AI assistants to help one scale and accelerate the impact of artificial intelligence through trusted data across his/her business.
  • In the case of watsonx.ai, NASA provides the datasets and IBM created the foundation model to interpret them.
  • ai will help users monitor the Earth from space, measuring environmental changes that have already happened while also making predictions about the future.
  • The model is also designed to be extremely simple to use.
  • A user would merely need to select a location and a date, and the model will highlight changes in floodwater, reforestation efforts and other relevant factors.
  • In India, AI-equipped peanut farmers have already witnessed a 30 per cent increase in yield.
  • data – It is a fit-for-purpose data store optimized for governed data and AI workloads.
  • governance – It is an end-to-end toolkit encompassing both data and AI governance.