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Indian Navy Marine Commandos (MARCOS) successfully thwarted a pirate hijacking attempt on a Liberian-flagged vessel in the North Arabian Sea.


The MARCOS, or Marine Commandos, are the elite special forces unit of the Indian Navy. They are highly trained and specialized in carrying out a wide range of operations in all kinds of environments, from the depths of the ocean to the highest peaks of mountains. Here’s some key information about them:

Who are they?

  • Officially called the Marine Commando Force (MCF).
  • Founded in February 1987.
  • Motto: “The few The fearless.”
  • Known for their professionalism and effectiveness.

What do they do?

  • Conduct counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations.
  • Carry out hostage rescue missions.
  • Conduct maritime warfare operations, including boarding enemy ships and sabotage.
  • Provide reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.
  • Protect critical infrastructure and high-value targets.

Some notable operations:

  • Operation Cactus: Neutralized a coup attempt in the Maldives in 1988.
  • Operation Leech: Rescued hostages from a hijacked ship in 1999.
  • Operation X: Conducted a covert operation in Pakistan in 2016.