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Volt Typhoon


The U.S. government has initiated an operation against a pervasive Chinese hacking network called Volt Typhoon, compromising numerous internet-connected devices.

Volt Thyphoon

The Volt Typhoon hacker group is believed to be a state-sponsored group originating from China. They have been active since at least 2021 and are known for their stealthy tactics and focus on espionage and information gathering. Their primary targets are critical infrastructure organizations in the United States and other countries.

  • Targets: Critical infrastructure organizations in the US, including sectors like oil and gas pipelines, water and power plants, transportation, and communications.
  • Methods: Utilizes living-off-the-land (LOTL) techniques, which involve using legitimate system tools and processes for malicious purposes. This makes them difficult to detect.
  • Goals: Primarily focused on espionage and information gathering, but some experts believe they may be developing capabilities for future disruption.


  • The group’s ability to infiltrate critical infrastructure raises concerns about potential disruption to essential services.
  • Their stealthy tactics make them difficult to track and defend against.

 Recent Developments:

 In May 2023, Microsoft revealed a cyberattack campaign linked to Volt Typhoon targeting critical communications infrastructure between the US and Asia.

 While the campaign was believed to be in the development phase, it highlighted the potential for wider disruption in the future. While the group is believed to be state-sponsored, the exact source remains unconfirmed. China has routinely denied involvement in cyberattacks.