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E-Jagriti Portal


The Consumer Affairs Department has integrated artificial intelligence in the ‘e-Jagriti’ portal, aiming to reduce pending cases in consumer courts.

E-Jagriti Portal

The e-Jagriti portal is an initiative launched by the Department of Consumer Affairs, India, to improve the consumer dispute redressal system.


  • To streamline the consumer dispute resolution process
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Provide a faster, simpler, and more cost-effective solution for handling complaints


  • Unified platform: Integrates various consumer grievance platforms like OCMS, E-Daakhil, NCDRC Case Monitoring System, CONFONET website, and mediation application.
  • Case filing and tracking: Allows consumers to file complaints, pay fees online, and track the progress of their cases.
  • Virtual court facility: Enables convenient and accessible resolution of complaints through virtual hearings, reducing physical appearances and expediting the process.
  • AI-powered search: Facilitates easy retrieval of archived complaints, cases, and judgments using keywords and metadata.
  • Voice-to-text conversion: Converts judgments, case history, and other details into text format for improved accessibility.


  • Faster resolution of consumer complaints
  • Reduced pendency of cases in consumer courts
  • Improved transparency and accessibility of the redressal process
  • Enhanced customer experience

 The e-Jagriti portal is still under development and not yet fully operational.