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Household Consumption Expenditure Survey published by the NSSO


The Household Consumption Expenditure Survey (HCES) is designed to collect information on consumption of goods and services by the households

Information collected in HCES is useful for understanding the consumption and expenditure pattern, standard of living and well-being of the households.

Besides, the data of HCES provides budget shares of different commodity groups that is used for preparation of the weighting diagram for compilation of official Consumer Price Indices (CPIs).


The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) has been conducting household surveys on consumption/consumer expenditure at regular intervals as part of its rounds, normally of one-year duration.

The data on household consumer expenditure were collected in every round up to the 28th (1973-74) from the first round (1950-51) of the National Sample Survey (NSS).

After the 26th round of the survey, the then Governing Council of NSSO decided to conduct the surveys on consumer expenditure and employment-unemployment together on a large scale, once in every five years.

Accordingly, quinquennial surveys were conducted and results were published in the 27th (1972-73), 32nd (1977-78), 38th (1983), 43rd (1987-88), 50th (1993- 94), 55th (1999-00), 61st (2004-05), 66th (2009-10) and 68th (2011-12) rounds of NSS, at roughly 5-year intervals.

The survey of 2022-23 titled “Household Consumption Expenditure Survey” is the latest one on the subject.

FINDINGS 2022-23

Average Monthly Per Capita Consumption Expenditure:

All-India Average estimated MPCE in 2022-23 has been Rs. 3,773 in rural India and Rs. 6,459 in urban India.