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CDP-SURAKSHA is a digital platform launched by the Government of India to support the Cluster Development Programme (CDP) for horticulture farmers.


  • **Full name:** Cluster Development Programme – System for Unified Resource Allocation, Knowledge, and Secure Horticulture Assistance
  • **Purpose:** Streamline subsidy disbursement, improve transparency, and enhance agricultural productivity in the horticulture sector.
  • **Target beneficiaries:** Horticulture farmers enrolled in the Cluster Development Programme.


  • **Instant subsidy disbursal:** Utilizes e-RUPI vouchers from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to transfer subsidies directly to farmers’ bank accounts.
  • **Streamlined transactions:** Farmers can order planting materials, contribute their share, and receive government subsidies upfront through the platform.
  • **Transparency and accountability:** Requires farmers to verify delivery of planting materials using geo-tagged photos and videos, eliminating misuse of funds.
  • **Integrated features:** Integrates with PM-KISAN database, cloud-based servers, UIDAI validation for identity verification, local government directories, and content management systems for information dissemination.


  • Faster access to subsidies for farmers.
  • Reduced paperwork and administrative burden.
  • Increased transparency and accountability in subsidy distribution.
  • Improved access to information and resources for farmers.

Overall, CDP-SURAKSHA aims to empower horticulture farmers and boost India’s horticulture sector by facilitating efficient subsidy distribution and promoting better resource management.