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PM’s recent visit to Bhutan

 PM’s visit to Bhutan has resulted in the signing of several MoU’s and Agreements listed below-

Sr. No. Name of MoUs/Agreement/Plan of Action Description
1 MoU on general supply of Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants (POL) and related products from India to Bhutan This MoU provides for a list of Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants related items. GoI would facilitate its supply to Bhutan through agreed entry/exit points.
2 Agreement for recognition of official control exercised by Bhutan Food And Drug Authority (BFDA) by Food Safety and Standards Authority Of India (FSSAI) The agreement will facilitate the trade between India and Bhutan by promoting ease of doing business and reducing compliance cost on both sides.

 The MoU will make the export inspection certificate issued by BFDA acceptable by FSSAI for compliance with requirements prescribed by FSSAI, while exporting the products to India.

3 MoU on cooperation in the field of Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation measures This MoU aims to assist Bhutan to enhance energy efficiency in the household sector by promoting star labeling programme developed by Bureau of Energy Efficiency.
4 MoU on cooperation in Sports and Youth This MoU would help further people to people linkages between India and Bhutan by advancing linkages between sports agencies of both sides and conduct sports activities/programmes.
5 MoU on cooperation concerning sharing reference standard, pharmacopoeia, vigilance and testing of medicinal products Further developing our close cooperation and exchange of information in the field of the regulation of medicines

The MoU would allow for acceptance of Indian Pharmacopoeia by Bhutan as a book of standards for medicines and supply of generic medicines at affordable price.

6 Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) on Space Cooperation Provides a concrete roadmap for further developing our space cooperation through exchange programmes, training etc.
7 Renewal of MoU on Peering Arrangement between National Knowledge Network of India (NKN) and Druk Research And Education Network of Bhutan The MoU will enhance digital connectivity between India and Bhutan and will benefit the scholars and research institutions of Bhutan.

In addition, both sides have also agreed on and initialled the text of the MoU on Establishment of Rail Links between India and Bhutan.-

The MoU provides for establishment of two proposed rail links between India and Bhutan, including the Kokrajhar-Gelephu rail link and Banarhat-Samtse rail link and their implementation modalities.