– The Rajasthani School of Painting is closely associated with the Rajput rulers who patronized artists during their rule.
– These paintings are characterized by bold lines, vibrant colors, flat figures with minimal perspective, and divided compartments on the painting’s surface.
Mughal influence is evident in improved drawing and some naturalistic elements.
– Rajasthani paintings depict various themes, including episodes from the Ramayana, royal lifestyles, societal values, and monarchs’ contributions to society.
– The Rajasthani School used various canvases such as paper, ivory, and silk.

Mewar School:
– Mewar rulers were prominent patrons of art, leading to an artistic flourishing during peaceful and prosperous times.
Sahibdin, a notable artist, painted works like the Rasikapriya, Ramayana, and Bhagavata Purana.
– After Sahibdin’s era, paintings focused on life in Mewar’s courts, with detailed “tamasha” paintings depicting court rituals and city views.

Kishangarh School:
– Known for romantic legends like Sawant Singh and Bani Thani.
– Themes include the merging of mythology, romance, and bhakti, often centered on Radha and Krishna’s relationships.

Bundi School:
– Associated with the twin kingdoms of Bundi and Kota, both with Krishna-centric monarchs.
– Known for detailed depictions of natural vegetation and spherical human faces with pointy snouts.

– The sky in Bundi paintings is painted in various colours with a prominent red ribbon.

Amber-Jaipur School:
– Also known as the ‘Dhundar’ school, with origins in Bairat wall paintings and Amber palace in Rajasthan.
– Features paintings influenced by Mughal-style attire but with a folk-style finish.
– Reached its peak during the reign of Sawai Pratap Singh and produced miniatures for various texts and portraits.

Marwar School:
– Thrived in Jodhpur, Bikaner, and Jaisalmer under Rathod and Bhati rulers.
– Brightly coloured attire was common in 15th and 16th-century paintings.
– Initially followed Mughal traditions but later developed a distinct Rajput style characterized by linear rhythms and vibrant colors.
– Notable paintings from the reign of Man Singh and beyond.