CSIP: PRELIMS BOOSTER SERIES-174 Government Policies and Initiatives


APAAR ID (Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry)


The Indian government has introduced the APAAR ID (Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry), a digital student identification system for students across all states in India. The APAAR ID is a part of the government’s ‘One Nation, One Student ID’ initiative, which aims to create a unified educational system, enhance security, and make academic data easily accessible for students.

The APAAR ID will digitally store academic qualifications, credit scores, certificates, and other academic data for students from pre-primary to higher education.

  • Students must obtain their parent’s consent to enroll in the APAAR ID
  • The unique 12digit APAAR ID will be used for admissions and other academic activities, making it convenient for
  • Both new and existing users can register or log in using their mobile number, Aadhar Card, or ID and
Benefits of APAAR ID:
  • Unified educational system: The APAAR ID will create a unified educational system in India, making it easier for students  to  transfer schools and colleges across
  • Enhanced security: The APAAR ID will be a secure way to store and access academic data, reducing the risk of fraud and data
  • Easy access to academic data: The APAAR ID will make it  easy  for students to access and share their academic data with educational institutions, employers, and other

The APAAR ID is a significant step towards digitizing India’s educational system and making it more efficient and accessible for all students.